Conversations On Retail

Conversations On Retail is a platform where retailers, suppliers, and other experts gather each week to exchange ideas, insights, and best practices, while growing their professional network… one conversation at a time.

We’re adding hundreds of new members each week to our community of 80,000+ cross-functional retailing and CPG professionals from all over the world.

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Lap Around America

We help consumer brands grow by driving trial and disrupting existing brand loyalties at times and places where consumers are most open to discovering their new favorite things… while they are on the road, and away from their normal routines.

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Rapid Retailing

Rapid Retailing serves as a conversation starter, connecting professionals from the retailing and consumer products industries with individuals and organizations who need direct access to some of the world’s foremost authorities on the topics that matter most.

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Supplier Community (SOLD)

Supplier Community is a Gathering Place & Resource Center for Retailers & Their Suppliers.

We provide direct access to some of the world’s brightest minds in areas including retail operations, eCommerce, supply chain, analytics, shopper marketing, international, and more.

Our clients rely on us to connect them with these thought leaders and practitioners in order to gain and apply powerful insights to their business.

8th & Walton (SOLD)

Founded in June of 2006, 8th & Walton is a Bentonville, Arkansas based Walmart supplier development company that has helped hundreds of organizations in their efforts to do business better with the world’s largest retailer.

Zappidy (SOLD)

Retailers, consumer products marketers, and many other far-reaching companies have questions with answers based primarily on local information. These questions range from how customers feel about a shopping experience to how they interact with products and services.

Traditionally, this type of insight has been provided by companies with a large staff of agents who must be deployed to specific locations. By paying shoppers who are already at the store, Zapiddy delivers real-time, location-verified intelligence for a fraction of the time and money required by traditional such service providers.