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Conversations On Retail

Conversations On Retail

Conversations On Retail is a one-of-a-kind platform where retailers, their suppliers, solution providers, and other industry experts gather to exchange ideas, insights, and best practices while growing their professional network… one conversation at a time.

We bring together some of the industry’s top practitioners, who help us create, grow, and lead communities within the community via:

SupplierU is the first-of-its-kind supplier education platform that levels the playing field by inviting companies of all sizes to attend live, expert-led online classes for FREE.  Learn More

Our growing number of small groups is bringing together like-interested industry professionals from all over the world as group leaders host conversations with experts, and invite members and guests to actively participate in the discussions.  Learn More

Walk & Talks
Unique from most traditional networking events, our mission is to help people at any level in their organization develop and deepen professional relationships in an active and outdoor setting.  Learn More

Learn more at:

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