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Our Story

101 Ventures

Typical entrepreneurs generally work on one thing at a time, starting with a big idea, then dedicating themselves completely to taking that big idea as far as they can.

Serial entrepreneurs, by comparison, are more likely to work on multiple ideas at once. Their energy, satisfaction, even joy comes from the constant process of starting again by putting the next big idea in motion.

Our founder has always counted himself among the latter.

Matt Fifer is a former Walmart executive who spent nearly 13 years in store and club operations, people development, marketing, and international mergers and acquisitions.

While at Walmart, he collaborated with major consumer brands to develop plans for launching hundreds of new products and services.

Matt left the company in 2005, and for the past 18 years, he has been a pioneer in the areas of shopper marketing and supplier development.

Today, he manages 101 Ventures, our Bentonville, Arkansas based venture studio that collaborates with innovators and entrepreneurs, helping them shape big ideas and bring them to market as new products, services, and startups.