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Lap Around America

We spend much of the year traveling all over the country, celebrating the extraordinary people, places, and things we discover along the way with articles, videos, and posts on social media. We love supporting small businesses everywhere we go, and we regularly bring back some of the best locally made products we find on each trip in order to make them available to our fans and followers.

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Rapid Retailing

We enable small consumer product companies to realize their desired potential, helping them develop and implement plans and strategies for introducing their products to new consumers, while evaluating opportunities to grow in partnership with the country’s top retailers. For one low monthly fee, our members receive access to experts, online events and meetups, a library of instructional video content, and a growing community of like minded peers. We also enhance the visibility of our members (when it’s wanted), by allowing them to create a profile on our site, giving buyers from major retailers, independent sales representatives, and angel investors an opportunity to learn more about companies and their products. We offer buyers, sales representatives, and angel investors access to the...

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Conversations On Retail

Conversations On Retail is an outlet for spending time catching up with some of the most inspiring people we’ve met (and continue to meet) along our journey in order to know them better and to celebrate their work and achievements. It’s also a platform that brings a community of retailing and CPG professionals together in order to exchange ideas, insights, and best practices. During our conversations, we talk with executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, journalists, investors … anyone with a unique perspective on the world of retail and the consumer packaged goods industries. We discuss new products, hot upstarts, big breakthroughs, and important trends that are shaping the way we shop, consume, and live. Founded: 2020

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