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Supplier Community

Supplier Community is THE Gathering Place & Resource Center for Retailers & Their Suppliers. We serve as conduit, offering our members direct access to some of the world's foremost authorities in areas including retail operations, sales, eCommerce, supply chain, analytics, forecasting, shopper marketing, international, and more. We facilitate introductions and foster relationships using a variety of one-on-one and group interactions that take place from the comfort, safety, and privacy of virtual classes, and other online events and meetups. Founded: 2016Sold: 2021

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8th & Walton

With over 300 years of combined retail experience, our team supports Walmart Suppliers in three ways: Walmart Training Classes Advisory and Custom Training Full Service Support Our goal is to help you be more successful and profitable with Walmart. Whether you need a class or just need the work done, our experts can support you from item setup to replenishment and analytics to e-commerce. (Hatched 2006 / Released 2014)

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High Impact Analytics

At High Impact, we have built upon our core foundation of strong analytics, letting the data lead, and sales management expertise to develop a full range of retail solutions and strategic consulting, including execution, reporting, trend analysis, replenishment, forecasting, fact-based selling, and working with the Walmart and Sam’s Club retail systems and logistics.  High Impact works with clients in virtually all areas of retail. Our clients see such dramatic improvements in their performance that the merchants they serve have referred other vendors to us on that basis alone. (Hatched 2010 / Released 2011)

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