Our Media Properties (For Consumers)

The Opportunity

In any product category, roughly 10% of the consumers account for more than 50% of the profits. They know what they want, they’ll buy a lot of it, and they’ll pay a premium for it. They’re passionate and engaged — sometimes even a little obsessive. (source: Harvard Business Review)

More Than Influencers

We help “super-consumers” discover, experience, and develop long term transactional relationships with brands while helping those brands gather actionable insights from among a more discriminating segment of their category shoppers.


We develop textually and visually rich content (not advertising) designed to engage category super-consumers and introduce them to brands they’ll love. By embedding calls to action in our news, reviews, recipes, and solutions, we drive online sales where the featured products and services are sold.


We Go & Tell … bringing our fans and followers along as we go and see and do... traveling the country and telling cool stories about cool people, places, and things with cool stories. We use products. We try services. And we eat anything and everything we can get our hands on.

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