Partner With FTLO Chocolate

More than influencers, FTLO Chocolate is a lead generation machine that helps our partners grow by introducing new customers, creating strong emotional connections, and driving trial.

We offer chocolate makers and creators 3 options for partnering with us to grow their business.

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(1)  Monthly Partnership

For just $50 per month, we will:

  • Include your logo (with a link to your website) on our Partner Wall.
  • Include your business (name, logo, written description, photo, address, and website) in the Adventures In Chocolate directory of our favorite chocolate destinations.
  • Invite you to contribute unlimited recipes to our Just Add Chocolate recipe collection.
  • Amplify your social media by liking and sharing your posts on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Share codes with our members, offering them a substantial discount on their first purchase of your products, and a smaller discount on future purchases.
    • You set the amounts of the discounts.
    • You may change the code(s) as often as you like.
    • Products are always purchased from your website, so you benefit from the lifetime value of each new customer relationship.
  • Share insights we collect by way of research gathered from among our growing number of followers and members (currently 80,000).
  • Attend free online events, where we invite peers and other experts to talk about the state of the industry and other topics relevant to helping you grow your business.

    Try It 30 Days For FREE!  Sign up for the monthly package (below), and enjoy your first 30 days at no charge, while we get you onboarded.

    BONUS:  Save 17% if you prepay for a year (below), AND we will throw in a 300 X 600 banner ad promoting your business on our website for the entire year.


    (2)  Conversations On Chocolate

    For just $250 (one time), we will:

    • Feature your business and sample your creations during a 30 minute episode of "Conversations On Chocolate" (promoted to our 80,000+ followers and members)
    • Share a code with our members, offering them a substantial discount on their first purchase of your products, so they can buy what we'll be featuring on the episode in advance and sample with us live.  (You then benefit from the lifetime value of those new customer relationships.)


    (3)  Get On Store Shelves

    Are you ready to see your products on the shelves (and websites) of Walmart and other major retailers?

    For just $100, you can talk for an hour with Stu Todd, an expert with more than 30 years experience working with consumer product companies including Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

    Stu will assess your business and help you develop a plan for selling to the masses.




    Have questions about partnership? Contact us!