Conversations On Chocolate  (Introductory Price)

Conversations On Chocolate (Introductory Price)

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We love chocolate. Who doesn't, right?

But Conversations On Chocolate is far more than just another web series where we sample product and offer glowing reviews.

As much as we love chocolate (and boy, do we), we love a good story a whole lot more.  Because people connect emotionally with people and with their stories far more than they ever do with products.  And emotional connection is THE key to driving product trial, disrupting brand loyalties, and altering longterm consumption patterns and behaviors.

Conversations On Chocolate is our outlet for spending a little time getting to know our favorite chocolate makers, creators, and other industry experts in order to celebrate their life, their journey, and their creations.  Oh, and ... to help you sell some chocolate.

During our conversations, we will dig into your backstory, and allow our live audience to get to know you as a human, while experiencing your chocolate and chocolate creations.

We'd love to schedule a conversation with you.  And we'd love to invite our members to purchase the products we'll feature in your episode from your website in advance, so they can sample with us.

Simply reserve a time slot, and we'll contact you to:

  • Schedule a short, pre-interview.
  • Request your logo and biographical information.
  • Request samples of the product(s) you'd like us to feature.
  • Request a discount code, so our members can purchase the same featured product(s), and sample with us during the live conversation.

We're looking forward to getting to know you and sharing your story.  If you have any questions, please contact us.


Examples of Our Conversations:

Matthew Boyle - Senior Report, Bloomberg News
Molly McFarland - Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, AdAdapted
Gabe Wight - Co-Founder & Team Leader, Webata